Contcat is a botanical-based product that has proven efficacy against all types of larva.

Concat Newage

Product Specifications:

  • Contact and a systemic mode of action.
  • Best results in 72 hours for all types of caterpillars.
  • Effective during all stages of the lifecycle, including eggs, larvae, pupa, and adults.
  • Beneficial for pollinators and has no harmful effect on the environment.

Penetrates in the body of the caterpillar and damages the nervous system, which causes muscle contraction, paralysis, and eventually death.

  • Fruit Borer
  • DBM
  • American Bollworm
  • Pod Borer

Spray 1-2 ml/liter of water, depending upon the pest infestation.

Product Uniqueness

Product Uniqueness
Product Uniqueness

Mode of Action

Systemic, Contact and Fumigant base action.

Quality Check

Pass through number
of quality checks.

No Risk of Resistance Development

Due to mixture of multiple marker compounds.


Patents protect Kay Bee Bio-Organics Intellectual Property.

Bio Efficacy Report of Every Batch

Standardization of every batch.

Product Consists

Multiple Phyto ingredients
(Active Ingredients).

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