Facilities & Expertise


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Customized Formulations

We offer customized formulations as per customer needs.

State of the Art R&D Centre

We are exploring new horizons for innovative agriculture asset creation through the use of our state-of-the-art research wing.

Tech Support

Empowering our customers with innovative solutions and trustworthy after-sale support for any technical concern.

Product Categories

Find the products you need and discover new possibilities by browsing our intuitive categories.

Unaffected Formulation Stabilty

After mixing our unique formulation, stability remains unchanged for more than 45 days as compared to other market products.


We are the best… it’s proven by our facilities and expertise.

Insect Rearing & Testing Lab

Mass-rearing of insects for in vitro efficacy study.

Plant Pathology & Testing Lab

Where to study and diagnose the complex diseases that affect plants.

Extraction & Manufacturing units

Hitech extraction and manufacturing unit which is capable of uninterrupted supply.

Phyto-chemistry Lab

Where we explore the diverse array of plant-based chemicals and their application potential.

Soil Analysis Lab

Determine the amount of available plant nutrients in the soil, for better recommendations to farmers.

Experimental Plots

In vivo multilocational, multi-seasonal trials efficacy trial for broad geographical application.

Certified By

The company holds the best certifications in the industry.


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