Product Evolution

NewAge Product Evolution

Analytical - Raw material Testing

Analytical - Raw material testing expertise and Screening of bioactive compounds from plants.

Analytical - Marker Compound Quantification

Quantify Botanical Bio - markers in formulation by National and international specifications.

Analytical - Stability Study

Analytical - Stability Study Undertaking the studies for shelf life as per the CIB guidelines.

Bio- Efficacy - In Vitro

Studies of formulations on various pests and diseases Invitro conditions.

Bio- Efficacy – Invivo

Bio- Efficacy – Invivo On field Study.

How Does It Work?

Lethal Action Effect

Anti GH & Anti MH

Ovicidal & Oviposition Deterency

Repellence Action

Antifeeding Action

Chitin Synthesis Inhibition

Certified By

The company holds the best certifications in the industry.


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